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Pictures of Mexico
Pictures of Mexico





MEXICORIVERS is a direct Tour Wholesaler celebrating over 17 years in the adventures travel industry.

is a registered company compromised with its environment as much social as economic and natural. The company looks for the total client satisfaction by means of the practice of adventure journeys in natural surroundings, with total security and confidence, offering a responsible service. Also improves the interpersonal relations creating an interaction with nature, fomenting an ecological conscience and a sustainable tourism.

MEXICORIVERS is an operational tourism enterprise that provides logistical support for trips, trekking, mt biking our base camp, we host tour groups, school groups and the general public. This eco-tourism project is based on environment protection programs, water treatment, organic farming, traditional cuisine, local architecture and provides employment to indigenous staff.

OUR TOURS tours takes you into the very heart of a destination, we explore the meandering routes, the intriguing detours, the slower paths where you can breathe deeply, absorb new sensations, encounter authentic cultures. We also support local community projects and families that assist the same environmental and social principles as we do and who also guarantee an inside experience of local life and culture .

TRAVEL SOLIDARITY- Since 2003 we developed a social help and donations programs  to indigenous communities with few resources and many needs. We organize man power, cooperation, awareness and donation of money which is given in the form of supplies and material. Usually these villages lie along the paths of our journeys. We also work with U.K. travel charities. Our  company philosophy supports  community  environmental education, cultural preservation and responsible tourism.

QUALITY SIZE GROUPS. Big adventure; only the groups are small! At Mexicorivers , the only small things are the groups, from six to fifteen  people maximum. This small size not only provides an intimacy and experience that cannot be duplicated on big bus tours or other types of travel, but it also put the emphasis right where it belongs: on fun, freedom, flexibility......pace.

PHILOSOPHY. We believe that is important for people to be exposed to the wilderness and  this exposure brings meaningful and beneficial results to both the individual and the environment.

ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY. Our lodge has create a pattern of resource use that aims to meet human needs while preserving the environment so that these needs can be met not only in the present, but also for generations to come. .

STAFF-With 17 years experience in 5 states of Mexico , each trip leader knows perfectly his own operation area. Local guides support us in hiking, rivers, trekking, biking…etc. Trip leaders speak Spanish- English with an high knowledge of first aid and wilderness safety procedures.

TRIP GRADING. We defined a grade to our itinerary that describes the level of physical activity and accommodations. Most of them are: Easy Intermidiate: remote area, easy to moderate hiking, also wilderness camping, medical attention may not be readily available, suitable for most travelers in good physical condition ( little preparation and average health is required).

Normal physical condition
Good physical conditions (altitudes)
Remote zone-little camping
Somethimes difficult access 
Very good physical conditions(high altitudes)
Remote zone-various camping
Difficult access  

-Discovery travel ,peoples ,traditions, landscapes and archaeological sites
-Trekking along amazing landscapes and areas of tropical vegetation
-Travel by mountain bike
-Charity challenge trips
-Travel nature-wildlife watching
-Travel solidarity
-Sport Travel-rafting, hiking, mountain biking, surfing
-A combination of these
-Climbing the peaks of Mexico
-Team building

OUR JOURNEYS. Our adventure vacations have different format, living you several quality days of various activities. Unless stated trips starts and end In Mexico City or Puebla internationals airports. Trips may include, walking, trekking, mountain bike, river rafting, archaeological site visit, colorful markets, hotels, lodging, most meals, shuttles and guiding all for one fair price. The only cash you need is for souvenirs and beverages outside of meals time. Accommodation are in hotels, selected for their cleanliness ,in camp and in our lodges. The seafood in Veracruz is fresh and excellent. Chicken and meat dishes are most popular but vegetarian can be accommodated. All guides and instructor are experienced and certified with extensive safety and  first aid training. Trips include bilingual guide .


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